That’s a Wrap!

I did it!!!  I can finally know what is involved in a documentary project assignment when I assign it to my students!  This is huge. 🙂  Here is my final project:


The Basics of the Project

The idea was pretty simple: a Background Research Project on Marjane Satropi, the author of Persepolis. Persepolis Photo by Lindsay Lyon

And yet–how could we make it better? More fun? More 21st Century? Obviously through the hot new Google Sites!  You can learn ALL the details in my movie, and below you will also find the Unit Plan.

The reflections of the Project are all hashed out in the video, so I will instead reflect on COETAIL as a whole.

Because of Coetail, I:

  1.  Know how to use iMovie!! I have been intimidated by this program for years, and feel very proud of having scaled the mountain.7384323418
  2. Am better connected through my PLNs of Twitter and Facebook.
  3. Know how to better think through uses/dis-uses of technology.
  4. Understand how to properly use/reuse/modify media found online.
  5. Appreciate White Space and design, especially in creating assignments for students.

To use32230371475 some edu-speak, my biggest “take-away” is this: Less is STILL more, but the LESS part gets better and better with more effective planning and refined knowledge of teaching tools. In truly getting to know the ins and outs of technology in education, I have moved past the skepticism and hype, and simply accepted it for what it is, and tried embracing it more to better reach students. This involves using technology consistently in the classroom, trying new tools, and actually experimenting myself. It really can be fun, but as always, there has to be a BALANCE.

So long, Coetailers!  See you “on the line!” 

Unit Plan for Part 3


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